"Charlie Running" - oil on masonite, of my high school friend Charlie Wolf, adapted from a yearbook B&W photo. This was painted as a tribute, and gift, for Charlie, who had a heroic 6 year battle with glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor type IV before ultimately succumbing.  

Charlie and I ran track together, in addition to sharing most every class and lunch together.  He was a tremendous competitor with the heart of a lion.  He was always very proud of his running prowess, and in particular when he beat The Ohio State University football stars Ron Springs and Ray Griffin in the intramural championships at OSU, where we both attended college.  Therefore I felt this scene very appropriate - capturing an activity he was proud of, symbolic of his battle for survival, and echoing the times past as we were approaching our 30th high school class reunion.

Charlie wrote two books chronicling his fight - the first, "Damn the Statistics, I Have a Life to Live!" covers the first year and alludes to the very low survival rate for this aggressive type of tumor (1 to 3 % variously reported, for 5 years).  It described the emotional and physical ordeal of the initial symptoms, treatment, and recovery.  His spirit shone through during the telling of his story however. The second book, "Alive and Fighting" covered years 2 and 3 and continued with a relentless onslaught of continuing complications.  Very telling is the 5 page glossary of drugs at the back of the book, and 3 pages of doctors names.  Through it all, he was an inspiration of courage and determination. 

Both books are available through Amazon or his web site at www.aliveandfighting.com and the profits go to a charitable organization.  

I had an engraved dedication plate made to mount on the picture frame.  It reads:

H. Charlie Wolf

The Fiercest Competitor I Know

Five Year Survivor of Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Tumor

My Friend