Throughout time, the power of a painting to capture a memory, to immortalize a person, to provide a daily reminder, and to hold the essence of a place or person, is unquestioned.  My own experience, with my absent loved ones, is immediate and strong whenever I see their portrait.  Paintings of places transport me back to the good times I enjoyed there and relationships I shared. There is nothing that I value more than to capture the spirit and nuance of the subject, not just the impression, not but a deeper meaning, the inner truth, the frozen moment suspended forever.  

I welcome commissions to create an treasured heirloom for you, too, perhaps to keep a memory of a special person or place, or to honor someone for their achievements, their influence and impact on others, their self-sacrifice, or perhaps as a never to be forgotten, unique gift.  

Commission prices vary by size of the finished piece, its complexity, and the degree of necessary preparation, e.g. the degree to which the image or composition is already determined,

The table below is provided as a guideline. Materials are included, except for the frame which is not included but can be added, and shipping is added according to your preferred method.  As I am not represented by a gallery or agent, these prices are discounted, without the standard 40% fee for representation.  These prices are for oil paintings, although the price of a piece in pastel would be less than this prices, pastels are more expensive to frame and ship than oils and the buyer may want to consider the total cost.  

Type of work 16x20 inches 24x30 inches Larger Size
 Landscape  $300 - 500  $600 - 1000  $1000 - 2000
 Portrait  $300 - 800  $1200 - 4000  $1500 - 8000
 Animal  $200 - 600  $400 - 1000  $800 - 1500

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phone: (321) 543-3143