Day is Done


Oil.    This is a paint of the Grant fairgrounds where I regularly walk (when my legs are able) or ride my bike with our dogs in the evening.  I was inspired by the color of the buildings at sunset.  I spent many a walk/ride trying to find the best vantage point to capture the scene and to be there at the right time for the sun (and no clouds).  The grass had been allowed to grow long and also was beautiful in the light. 

In the end the scene was too wide even for this aspect ratio so I cut out some between the playground and the buildings.  The buildings I like but the grass was a struggle - while trying to "simplify" I lost the feel and only partially got it back with more work.  

I added myself with the dogs as point of interest, making it up.  Squirtle is pulling to smell something, and Bridget is looking back at me - both in character.