"Tyrannosaur Spies a Meal"- oil on canvas. This one was inspired by the book Jurassic Park well before I knew there was a movie. The book was remarkably visual. Coincidentally, after I had the idea for the painting the wonderful illustrated book "Dinotopia" came out with its really remarkable paintings.

Obviously all the scenery and dinosaurs are made up here, but I did stage my sons into this pose for a photo. I struggled with trying to impart a sense of towering forest (I failed, but it does have some atmosphere) and getting the perspective view of the Stegosaurus (I resorted to sketching my son's toy dinosaur). And I never captured in painting the energy and life of the Tyrannosaur as I had in my first sketch. Difficult the see here are the 4 small "chicken dinosaurs" which were a lot of fun.