"Ginny's House" - oil on canvas. This is a painting I did for my sister, Virginia, who lives in Ohio in a farmhouse.  This is basically it, but I've taken some liberties by artistic license.  Her garden is actually much further to the right, and the shaded side of the house is dressed up.  The background is also beautified somewhat.  The front of the house is conjecture - the porch is under (slow) construction and I've tried to wheedle a basic description of the porch and front door without letting on I needed the information to complete the painting.  I hope it's close, a least recognizable.  The little dog's name is Emma, a short legged variety of Jack Russell terrier. I also had to get her description, too - I've seen her but had no photos and her exact pattern of coloration may be a little off. 

The painting is fairly simple, but I did get tired of all the straight lines in it.  My inspiration was really the garden, which I enjoyed doing but nothing very difficult or noteworthy about it. The little dog was an afterthought, added for more foreground interest and to help the depth of the painting.

Next up, a painting for my brother, Robert.  It's going to be a spectacular hoot. That's all I'll let on.