A copy of "Lackawanna Valley" by George Inness. - oil on canvas. This is a freehand copy from a small reproduction in a book, except I added the two boys in the foreground. I just wanted to try a landscape and this was a nice one. This is a pretty faithful copy in feeling but I didn't worry about getting every tree stump in the foreground or little building or tree in the background. It worked out OK. The coloration of the distant mountains was hard (going from a reproduction there's no telling what the real color should be) and I found it hard to get a variety and colors of green that successfully stood out (and stuck to one another wet on wet) from one another to make the trees real. The little train and the colors in the smoke are my favorite part.

There's a funny story here - when vacationing in the Poconos for a wedding anniversary, I noticed as we drove northward in Pennsylvania that the line of hills in the distance looked a lot like those in this painting.  Just then I passed the road sign for the Lackawanna Valley.  I had no idea.