"Lord Robert, Mighty Hunter"  oil on framed canvas.  This one is for my brother, Robert. It's him, and his three dogs, set in old England.  He and his wife Kathy have a home with a sort of colonial decorating style, including pictures of English huntsman and horses, etc.  This fits in with that theme, and puts Robert in with his collies.  Years ago he sent me a small photo of them with "Santa", and I knew he hoped I'd paint a picture of them for him someday.  Well, here it is, but being my brother I couldn't resist having some fun at his expense.  I started with an internet photo of an old painting, of some rich guy with his hunting dogs and dead game animals.  I mirrored it, and then placed the scanned image of the dog photo (cropped to include just the dogs) over the internet photo.  I searched my photo albums for a close-up of my brother and it turned out the only one I had was one in which his head was turned at exactly the right angle to crop out and also plop onto the internet photo.   Some editing out of extraneous features and then I had a finished composition to paint from that made the job amazingly easy. 

As I finished, the foreground was blank and I wanted to fill it in with something.  The original painting had game animals, but the dogs here are collies, which herd sheep, so that wouldn't be appropriate - hence the joke with the dead sheep.  To be fair, my brother is not a hunter so this is not meant to make fun of his manhood for real.  He's actually a pretty good guy.