"Flower Oval" - oil on canvas. This is an original composition, although a few of the individual flowers were copied from various old master paintings reproduced in a book in the Ohio State fine arts library. The majority of flowers were individually taken from photos I took, although I always have to change the lighting.

This was also one of my earliest paintings. I tried the old master technique called "glazing" where first a monochrome painting is made and then colors laid on top in thin translucent layers. I used Payne's gray and white acrylic for the under painting. I don't think I really was that effective at the glazing and the last few flowers were done without it. I finished the painting after moving to Florida, hence the Confederate jasmine and hibiscus flowers in the picture. It's a nice but not terrific still life. The background coloration was the area I was most troubled by and still dissatisfied with after changing it about 3 times.