Oil on hardboard.  This is "Heather's Cat"  What I received to paint was a photo of a sleeping cat - half hidden by sheets and with its eyes closed, and poorly lit, no color at all.  But by a miracle, I found photo of a beautiful painting on the internet, done all in blue tone except for the cat.  I chose to do a complementary color version of that composition, and substituting Heather's cat (I had to ask what color the eyes were).  Of course I did not have much to go on but I took a shot at it.    OK, it's not my best work but I need to see something to paint it.  This was a surprise gift and I think Heather likes it, so I'm glad for that.


Oil on hardboard - Isabelle's dog Mr. Bentley.  Like Heather's cat, I did not have much to go on - I was given a photo of him in the grass, mostly hidden, a bad angle, and no dramatics to the lighting. So I found an internet photo of that breed with a better angle and adapted it to look like Mr. Bentley instead.