Prices for existing pieces vary according to size, complexity, materials, and intrinsic esthetic value. Prices are negotiable.  These painting prices are more than the time to paint them but represent the thousands of hours developing the skills, and the additional hours in each one to photograph references, acquire materials, documentation and promotion, and other essentials of a business overhead.  


The table below is provided as a guideline. Materials are included, except for a frame.  As I am not represented by a gallery or agent, these prices are reduced from those which would be set to factor in the typical 40% fee for representation, or fee just to gain a spot on the wall.  

Type of work 16x20 inches 24x30 inches Larger Size
 Landscape  $300 - 500  $600 - 1000  $1000 - 2000
 Portrait  $300 - 800  $1200 - 4000  $1500 - 8000
 Animal  $200 - 600  $400 - 1000  $800 - 1500

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phone: (321) 543-3143