Another Vermeer copy, this of "Lady in the Red Hat" also in the National Gallery. I did this very early, maybe my 4th or 5th painting ever. In the right light it looks very good, but it does not hold up in bright light - my inexperience shows. I think I did this freehand from a reproduction poster. The background I did in one sitting and I don't think I could do it any better today- it really looks like the original. Even the lady is not bad - I had to compare this photo to the reproduction for about a minute before I could decide whether it was of the original or my copy - but this photo does not reveal the flaws in the texture and transparency and reflective ness of surfaces. Vermeer's painting is sublime in the glowing light, the perfectly smooth brush less texture, and absolutely uniform surface finish revealing all colors perfectly.

The contrast between mine and the original was vividly revealed when we visited DC in the late 80's and I took my version with me from Florida. I held it up alongside the original (and accidentally actually touched it and nearly had a heart attack) and took a photo. The original photographed perfectly while the copy looked pretty bad, worse even than live. I did touch up the face quite a bit after that occasion but still it has its share of problems.