Smidgen - oil on masonite, in memoriam.  Smidgen was a fat, sleepy, dainty little cat who was never any trouble and really looked cute posing in the garden, variously referred to as Li'l Smidge, Miss Smidge, or Fanny Lumpkin.  She had a cute little hoarse barking meow that meant "Pet me".  And she was quite a dope, particularly when you would want her to come in and she'd lay down and squirm on her back until you petted her and picked her up.  In her last years we would not see much of her because she'd just sleep on the back porch.  But late at night she'd come into where I sat, invariably on the computer, and bark at me until I pulled the footstool over for her to sit while I scratched her. She loved scratching - and boy would the fur fly.  Sometimes she'd creep up on my chest while I lay in bed, and we'd have a real scratch fest as she lay there.  On the rare occasion when she ran, primarily when fleeing a visitor, it was quite a sight as the fat udders flopped back and forth.  She ate hardly anything but she clearly conserved all the energy she consumed, and would sleep outside even in the hottest of weather.  She lived a good long life, 16 years, but we miss her. 

I had this painting in mind for quite a long time.  I sketched her just so as she slept one evening, knowing that her time was not far off and I'd want something to remember her by.  This was the only time I ever saw her sleep on this pillow.