Tiffany in Red

"Tiffany in Red" - oil on canvas, of model Tiffany from a sitting at the Art Students Guild of Brevard. I actually sketched her while live modeling but took a photo from which I did the painting.  I kept the run in the stocking as symbolizing her character and hard luck - somewhat of a tragic character one feels great sympathy for but ultimately her fate is doubtful. I left off the wrist wrap she was wearing at the time, in between her first and 2nd car accident, and before the 3rd and also before the broken femur ice skating.  Chronically late to modeling, etc, she still  seems inside to be an innocent soul. 

I like the lighting here - not direct on her but a lot of side lighting and strongest on the chair.  It was a change from most of our lamp lit scenes, and had some cool light areas and warmer darker areas.