Copy of a Vincent Van Gogh painting, acrylic on canvas board.  This was part of my Halloween costume this year - I went as Van Gogh so I whipped up a painting in one evening.  I used acrylic so I could work quickly since it dries so fast.  I had a half dozen squirt tubes of modeling acrylic paint that I made do with, and painted this in about 3 1/2 hours from an internet photo.  It's pretty crudely done but given the masterly quality of the original it still ends up with a lot of vibrancy and color.  

I chose to copy this one because I liked it and it was more complex than the more famous "Starry Night".  It turned out that maybe I made the wrong choice from the standpoint of recognizability.  To me it seemed obviously stylistically Van Gogh even if I had never seen it before.  Unfortunately the average person today is evidently pretty culturally ignorant.  I had about 4 people guess Picasso, and none for Van Gogh.  Oh well - that puts into question my idea to go as a different painter each year - if they couldn't get Van Gogh, with my ear bandaged and bloody, then it's hopeless.   We'll see.