Cooperating Cousins

Cooperating Cousins, graphite pencil on paper.  This is based on a pair of photos taken by my father in law Charlie Corbeil, of one of my sons and his cousin.  I believe it was at the Ohio State Fair and they gamely pushed and pulled the wagon of snacks and camera equipment around.  I used two photos to combine the poses I like the best. I did this scene twice, once for my annual company art exhibit, and again, larger, for the Strawbridge Art League "Paperworks" show 2009.  It won a merit award there.  I like it a lot and pencil is a lot of fun.  I've book looking for another opportunity or subject I'd like to do in pencil.  I really want to do one of my niece from a B&W photo I took when she was small, but not long ago I gave the original to my brother and then could not find the negative and he's misplaced the original.  Oh well.