Little Lips

Little Lips, oil on panel.  This is of friend's daughter little Sophia, adapted from a photo I took of her eating corn on the cob. I actually edited the photo in Photoshop to look pretty much like this, eliminating the corn and the plate, and drawing pixel by pixel the watermelon. 

I used the  approach to the painting of a monochrome underpainting (actually I used burnt umber in warm areas and Payne's gray in cool ) with glazing colors over it, and as always, was not satisfied that I'd figured the technique or materials out correctly by myself.  In the end I was happy enough with the result.  The smooth glass table I made into a bumpy surface just because after photoshoping, it looked that way and I liked it.  The skin colors I warmed up a bit, not too much, but I had a very difficult time capturing decently in a photo.