Bunny Path

Bunny Path, pastel on rust colored paper.  I did this, or rather, started this, while attending a Dawn Miller workshop on pastels.  It was a good workshop in that I had had no previous instruction so it was good to hear a few tips.  This scene is from one of my yard photos. I spend a lot of time wandering our wooded 6 acres and have many that would translate to good paintings.  I had fun with this. Dawn's technique is supportive and she asks questions the force you to problem solve for yourself.  She does not say do it this way or draw on your picture to show anything. She does let you try out some of the great selection of pastels she has, so I was able to take advantage of some darks, and that delicious lime green in the backlit palmetto frond to the left.

I developed the color scheme and I like it quite a lot, and made the decision to use the paper bumpy side rather than smooth - because I thought it would lend itself to the foreground mottling of the ground.   I added the rabbit from another photo of mine in the yard.  I added the flowered plant in the tree as an accent, one not uncommon in the yard.