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Welcome to my new web site!  For those who don't know me, this is a personal record of the journey,  to simply share my paintings with friends and relatives.   It is not optimized as a format for selling paintings.  I have a "day job" and I am not struggling as a professional artist.  I have, however, recently crossed the bridge and have been selling some paintings, so even if I am not actively pursuing it, don't be shy about making me an offer if you really like something.  I would prefer to work on commission, though, to produce something unique for the recipient - however I would not accept it unless the work also interested me - that way if you don't like it I can just keep it and negate the deal.    

Use the links above to pick a category. Within the linked pages, click on a thumbnail picture for an expanded view plus text for the story behind the painting - how, what, why, challenges, likes and dislikes.   Use  right-click "back" button to return here, or "Home" on pages that have it. 

The links above provide access to a more complete set of works with some organization by content or the older/recent works which are distinguished mostly by the fact I used to be not only self taught but working alone and sporadically, while in recent years I've joined some art groups and am painting with more frequency and determination, and some instruction.  Newer paintings are accessible through the "Recent Works" link.   The recent works can be stepped thru from one to another without returning "back" (for the most part).  

Without further ado, enjoy. 


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